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"Bringing in the New Year

This New Year's Eve, I have the opportunity to encourage Christians to become ready now, so that they might not miss the opportunity to be used of God later.

Some Christians desire to be used of God, but then become discouraged when they consider how they have "failed God" in the past -because they have chosen sin's lifestyle.

When reflecting on past failures, it is not uncommon for some to think, "A Christian would never act the way I did. Maybe, I really do not belong to God." If we are to be used of God in 2007, then this is certainly an issue that needs to be settled in our hearts now.

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What we are learning today is a simple concept:

"If I claim to have fellowship with God, then: What I do about broken fellowship reveals what I have done about my relationship."

My reaction to my own sinfulness, speaks the truth about Who I belong to ...or do not belong to.

During these two days of ministry, several people indicated that they were responding to Christ! Thank you for praying!

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